PWC is a not for profit organization, funded primarily by the founding member at present. Currently, members are working on a voluntary basis and PWS strives to establish sufficient funds to provide employment to current volunteer workers, and to enable long-term sustainment and further expansion of current activities

PWC and its many members are dedicated to building a community that is committed to progress and enlightenment in rural areas of Pakistan. We hope to change the thinking of many underprivileged individuals and understand the importance of a good education in the 21st Century.


Our objectives are to set up:

  • LIBRARIES:¬†It is a misconception in Pakistan that libraries are for institutions of research, and only accessible for highly qualified and educated individuals. In reality, libraries are communal settings for all age and group of peoples. Our aim is to provide audio, video and printed quality materials in the libraries to cater to educationally diverse groups present within our communities. The library, as well as the books and literature provided, will be independent of sectarian views and accessible to all individuals. Visitors will be treated equally, independent of their social status, their gender or their beliefs.
  • COMMUNITY CENTRES: Where peoples from all walks of life get together, share their ideas for the development and construction of society. Elders play their role to develop the projects where youngsters can use their potential and energies to make their lives useful, get rid of social taboos, and become useful member of society.
  • ASSIST STUDENTS: These centers will raise funds for the socioeconomically students to fund their school fee and expenses, including helping them buy books.
  • IT CENTERS: Establish computer centers to engage youth to develop their the practical skills required to solve modern problems.
  • WOMEN¬†EMPOWERMENTS : Empower women with the skills to be a beneficial and an active part of the community.
  • PLAYGROUNDS: Develop playgrounds where the local children can congregate to play and form meaningful friendships.