PWS was established in 2010, and was registered in August 2011. Since its establishment, PWS has achieved the following:

  • LIBRARY: Established a library in Ali Pur Saidan, where the school students and the local people come to read in a calm environment, free from constraints of domestic life. Library books are issued for two-week loans, and can be renewed, upon request.
  • VIDEO LIBRARY: Established a video library where community members, often those without a formal education, can visit to listen to educational and social development videos, as well as religious seminars.
  • WELFARE COLLEGE: In 2014 a girls-only college, from transition to grade 12, was established. Currently we have students from grade 1 to grade 10. This college is registered with the department of education, Govt. of the Punjab, Pakistan.
  • MEDICAL CAMP: In 2012 we held a medical camp, where local doctors and an international doctor (from USA) worked voluntarily. In this camp of 3 days, over 330 patients received free medical consultations, and were provided appropriate medication free-of-charge.
  • INTERNATIONAL ASSESSMENTS: PWS is the only organisation conducting international assessments in the territory of Pakistan. We are the only partner in Pakistan with leading organisation of Singapore “Singapore International Math Contest centre”. In the past students who excelled were awarded gold medals. For details click here.
  • INTERNATIONAL ASSESSMENTS: To educate and provide opportunities to senior citizens through discussions, talks with power-point presentations, videos and books. Information sessions will also be held for them which will inform them about health, law, and social education to create cohesive society.

Other services include:

Women Skills Development Center

The women skill development center aims to equip the female population of the community with practical and applicable skills. These include sewing, embroidery ,etc. Any suggestions for possible events at the women’s skill development center are encouraged, and can be emailed to info@welfaresociety.com.pk
Shown below are some of the pictures taken from the first event, which took place on 1st June 2012. More pictures can be found in the photo gallery.