The following are current positions which require filling.If you believe that you have the required skills for one of the positions listed below, please contact us.


Applications for the position of the manager are welcomed. Duties include but not limited to:

  • Managing and organising the welfare centre, including computer centre, Library, Women skill development centre, and prospective educational projects.
  • Managing the occasional events conducted by the welfare centre.

Please apply with confidence.
The preferred candidate should have:

  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Demonstrated high level of written and verbal ability to communicate effectively within the organisation, with the pubic and the regulating authorities. Bilingual (English and Urdu speaking) candidates will be preferred.
  • ENTHUSIASTIC AND ENERGETIC: Must be enthusiastic and energetic to work for the development of the community. Past experience in such organisation will be preferred.
  • COMPUTER LITERATE: Computer literate candidates will be preferred. These include experts in Microsoft word, Excel, sending and receiving the emails.
  • TEAM WORK: Ability to work in a team for the development of the Community. Applicants should Demonstrate commitment and a capacity to actively contribute to a broad range of activities and a commitment for the development of the Welfare Centre.

SALARY: Negotiable depending on the level of skill and expertise



We are looking for a teacher for a Welfare College. Welfare College provide quality education for the community. The standard of the college needs to be maintained. The aim is to impart education from Grade 1 to grade 12. This college was established in April 2013. We are looking for a male/female teacher from around Bhera, and accommodation can be provided if needed.

  • SC1 Demonstrated knowledge of initiatives in student learning including the Standards, the Principles of Learning and Teaching grade 8,9,10 and Assessment and Reporting Advice and the ability to design curriculum programs consistent with their intent.
  • SC2 Demonstrate an understanding of how students learn and effective classroom teaching strategies and the capacity to work with colleagues to continually improve teaching and learning.
  • SC3 Capacity to monitor and assess student learning data and to use this data to inform teaching for improved student learning.
  • SC4 Demonstrated high level written and verbal communication skills and high level interpersonal skills including a capacity to develop constructive relationships with students, parents and other staff and community.
  • SC5 Demonstrated commitment and capacity to actively contribute to a broad range of school activities and a capacity to reflect on, evaluate and improve professional knowledge and practice.


  • The primary focus of the graduate teacher is on further developing skills and competencies to become an effective classroom practitioner with structured support and guidance from teachers at higher levels.
  • The focus of a graduate teacher is on classroom management, subject content and teaching practice. Graduate teachers are new entrants to the teaching profession who in their initial teaching years receive structured support and guidance from teachers at higher level.
  • Under guidance, graduate teachers will plan and teach student groups in one or more subjects. Graduate teachers are expected to participate in induction programs and general staff development activities, and in activities designed to ensure the integration of the curriculum across the school.
  • Teachers at this level are responsible for teaching their own classes and may also assist and participate in policy development, project teams and the organisation of co-curricular activities.

Core responsibilities include:

  • planning and implementing a range of teaching programs or courses of study
  • Teaching an area of the curriculum or a general curriculum to years  8-10
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting student progress in key learning areas
  • Implementing strategies to achieve targets related to student learning outcomes maintaining records of class attendance and recording student progress
  • Implementing effective student management consistent with the school charter/policies.
  • Working with a mentor to participate in professional development planning, implementation and reflection developing a professional portfolio

Additional responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • supervising a range of student activities including support and welfare programs
  • contributing to a range of co-curricular programs

SALARY: Salary varies depending on past experience skills and qualifications.